The State of the Blog Address


The past couple of weeks I have been working really hard on getting my An & Mattan story typed up. The last few days I’ve managed to get  about 3000 words typed up per day. I have about 5000 words left to go, so that means two more days of typing, more or less. Possibly less if I can really get working on it.

Today I was typing something that was written close to when I started working on this story, but toward the end of the time-line. Turns out, I didn’t need that epilogue as much as I thought I did, I have a lot of the information (but not all of it) already written in that section. It also was obviously written before An started telling Mattan why she has trouble being happy, so it was news to him. I downgraded that somewhat. It also brought out several things that I had intended to say, but hadn’t gotten around to yet. So, keep that in mind for the revisions.

I’m not posting today’s typing yet. I didn’t realize until I posted last night’s entry that I’d somehow missed spell-checking a good portion of what I had already typed, so it was rather messy.

But anyway, since I’ve been doing that, I haven’t been writing blog posts like I intended to, and my poetry writing has fallen behind. I’m probably not going to catch that up this week, but I’m hoping I can next week.


An & Mattan Story Notes


I’ve now finished typing up Parts 4 & 5 of my An & Mattan story, and am 3000 words into Part 6. I figure I still have about 8000 words to finish typing in, including the Epilogue.. That probably will take me until at least Wednesday, possibly Thursday. I at least am past the big climax of the story, and into the winding things up section.

Then, I figure I’ll probably let it sit for a week, before going back to edit it. I have plenty of other things I need to edit in the meantime, as well as other stories that are shoving their way into my brain. (Not the stories I wanted to do next, of course. Other stories.)

I still have no idea if this one is any good or not. I’m sure it needs a lot of work.

Links to the story chunks:

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