Fitness update — But of Another Type


Be Swift, Be Precise

Today’s blog is one of those blogs you aren’t supposed to write. Web presentations are supposed to be positive, to show the good side of events, the flat, crystallized version of our personality.

No, I’m not going ALL negative. But I’m going to write about something in a tone that might ultimately seem almost whiny.

My original intent today was to give another fitness update, what I learned from my personal trainer, whether we got along better and whether I learned more during my second session — except I didn’t have a session this morning after all.

I arrived early, stretched out, and then did the routine that he showed me the last Tuesday — three times — all in the 30 minutes before my scheduled time. Then I waited.  When he was five minutes late I checked in with the monitor on the floor.  I wasn’t on the trainer’s…

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