I have fallen behind


I’ve not been posting like I’ve been wanting to. This is all my own fault, of course. I’d finally gotten to the point where my An & Mattan story was finally coming together, and I put all my effort into that, instead of coming to write this.

I have several books that I want to review (before their plots vanish from my mind), I’m behind at least two poems (since it’s Friday, and I still haven’t written one for Sunday).

I could probably write a blog on our trip to the Zoo on Tuesday, and how it was crowded, but we didn’t see signs of the fights and gunshots that apparently were the big news. We did see police cars as we were driving out, though. Lots and lots of police cars. Probably more we didn’t see.

I’ve done a little editing to the An & Mattan story, but I’m not going to put the edits up on my blog. (I did at least make sure the version up has been spell-checked, though).

At the moment, I’m finally getting around to editing another book I wrote more than 25 years ago, and have seriously been meaning to get in and edit for the past six months.

I’ve already started writing the next book. I had been planning on doing a story far back in time in the same universe, but Mattan conned me into doing a sequel, saying it’s really part of the same story I just finished. Riiight.

Next week I shall endeavour to write something every day, and get things caught up a little. My husband has managed to put a blog post up every day, in spite of his long work hours and taking classes where he has to research and write papers. I’m sure I can do the same.