Keeping the Baby But Dumping the Bathwater


Be Swift, Be Precise

I am getting a lot of good reading from the varied books of my communications courses. But every so often something just pops out at me. I sit there bewildered, wondering if the writer really said that, did they really use that example, to mean what they intended, expecting everyone just to agree with it, and not recognize the “you must be kidding” reaction it would get from so many people who I know.

I have a couple of examples.  The first used the idea of term limits, and the thought processes that lead people to support them:

Beliefs are inherent in the manner in which persons evaluate concepts or objects. Consequently, when external messages affect beliefs, they are likely to affect attitudes as well. For example, if registered voters in South Dakota express the attitude that term limits imposed on their governor are a good idea, a potential host…

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