Beautiful Day to Beautify the Church


I didn’t go. I stayed home and worked here.

Be Swift, Be Precise

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This morning it was a brisk 32 degrees, sunny and calm, when men, boys, and even one girl from Avondale United Methodist Church started cleaning up the grounds of the church.

The annual event began at 9 a.m. with the pickup of leaves, brush and the various items of trash that accumulate around the church. Under the direction of David Garrett the attendees dispersed around the church from the back entrance to begin raking.


I was in attendance with my son Nathan and daughter Carly (the one girl working). Rakes were there in plenteous abundance, and people were accumulating piles of leaves, so the three of us took on the assignment of bagging the leaves piled up by others, and carrying them over to the dumpster rented by the church for the occasion.

The church has a lot of window wells, some of them quite deep. David Garrett, one of…

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