The Prophetic Utterance


Seems like this week is one for bringing up old memories.

Be Swift, Be Precise

Yesterday was a fun day with the morning at the Church cleanup, and then the afternoon going over to Zona Rosa. We got the kids polarized sunglasses (no prescription needed, but we wanted the protection for their eyes) at LensCrafters, and then went over to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream.

We hadn’t been to Cold Stone Creamery for years. I’d actually thought of it when going through pictures from my mother’s visit in 2005. So when we got as close as LensCrafters, I took the family on a walk. Nathan chose the ice cream flavor, and the rest of us chose an add-in, just like we had years before (Chocolate cake ice cream, with gummy bears, white chocolate chips and Butterfingers).

But it was then that the day took its unusual turn. Someone came over that we hadn’t seen in years, to say hello. Said he didn’t recognize us…

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