Tragedy Points Out Need for City Action


Be Swift, Be Precise

A tragedy came to our section of Kansas City North on Saturday.

There are links to the news stories below. To summarize, two kids were riding on a skateboard in the street when a car came over the hill and wasn’t able to stop before hitting them.

The eldest, 9-year-old Jordan Hale, died at the scene. The younger, 6-year-old Jesus Gonzales, was taken to Children’s Mercy Hospital with broken limbs and is in serious condition.

See news links:

Though we live a couple blocks away, we were unaware of the incident until seeing it in the news, since we were homebodies that evening. Based on the timing in the news reports, we must have gone through the intersection just minutes before it occurred, yet we didn’t hear anything of emergency sirens.

The news stories are unclear exactly where along the two-block stretch of Winn Road that the incident…

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