What did I do in my sleep?


Last night I went to bed feeling fine. This morning I woke up with my right wrist painful, and my fingers hardly able to move. It also seems like there is a bruise (slight swelling, but no discoloration) on the back of my hand.

Things are a bit better now than they were when I first woke up. I’m wearing one of those support gloves with a wrist band. I can drive and type and write, but with a low-level pain all the time.

I realize other people put up with worse pain than this all the time, and are still able to function, but right at the moment it’s distracting me.

We’ll see what happens the next couple of days. It’s entirely possible that by tomorrow, everything will be normal again. (That has happened before.) Or things will stay the same, and I’ll eventually have to go to the doctor about it.

The annoying part is that I didn’t do anything. When my husband broke his wrist, he was out biking. When my dog sprained his wrist, he was jumping on the couch, like he’s not allowed to. But I was sleeping. It’s not fair to get an injury, and not have been doing anything fun, or indeed, anything at all, to have caused it.