I woke up yesterday morning with my hand more swollen and painful than it had been the day before.. So I went to the doctor, and  got a diagnosis of tendonitis. He gave me a brace and an anti-inflammatory prescription.

So far, it seems to be working. When I woke up this morning, my hand hardly hurt at all, and was far less swollen.

I really dislike the brace though. It does its job of keeping me from moving my wrist too much, which is a good thing. But I think I either need more freedom to move my thumb, or less. It tends to chafe around the base of my thumb, as well as feeling too tight around the arm from time to time.

I’ve taken it off to do writing and typing, since my hand is feeling so much better. I’m still going to wear it at night, and when I’m doing other things, to help keep it from being banged.

I expect that by Monday I’ll feel much better.

I hate it when my body starts rebelling against me for no reason. 🙂