March–Out like a lamb?


After a rather stormy winter, we’ve had a couple of days in the 70s, or near to them. Of course, we’ve had those before, with snow storms shortly following. And it’s not impossible that we’ll have a snow storm yet. In past years, Kansas City has seen snow in April, and on the rare occasion, even into May.

I don’t really expect this to happen, but with the weird weather we’ve gotten this year, polar vortexes and all, who knows? If we do happen to get another snow, I doubt it’ll last long. Most of the time, even the worst of our snow is gone within three days, except where it is piled in parking lots, and on north slopes.

The trees have started budding, the grass is starting to turn green, various places flowers are starting to bloom. All in all, signs of spring.





An Elfy on the Loose


Bruno the Elfy has been intentionally mistrained and misled about who and what he is by the Elfy High Council. He is sent to our Earth, finds his talents, rescues his mentor and saves the world (or at least Knightsville, California) from a Dark Elf.

Watch out, universe–an Elfy is on the loose!


A friend of mine recently had her book published (almost, the eArc is out now, and the book itself comes out in June, IIRC.)

Sample chapters and order information are here.

I hope at least some of you will look at it. 🙂 It really is quite good.