After the Sun has Set


After the sun has set,
Before the moon will rise,
Comes the world of twilight,
Dusky in the skies.

Ever looking forward
From the fading sun
Going on to evening,
Having the day’s race won.

Into the realm of starlight,
Just to sail the Milky Way.
Keeping awake all evening
Looking ahead to the day.

More songs from the evening birds,
Never heard by the light of the sun
Only the chirping of crickets,
Playing a song just for fun.

Quietly the world will slumber,
Rousing again at the dawn,
Singing the day into breaking,
The dreams take off at a run.

Unto the light of the morning,
Vast the sky of blue
Waiting with half a breath
Xanthous rising ever true.

Young the dawn approaches
Zippy the day aborning
1 follows as best they can
2nd star to the morning.