Concrete Poured


Be Swift, Be Precise


Today is another one of my photo essays on the new water main work on our street. Today’s topic, our ditch is finally being repaved.


As you look at the pictures, you will notice there are footprints on the concrete. When Betsy left the house at 12:23 there was a backhoe in the ditch digging it down and shaping it. Between then and when the boy got home from school around 3:30, they dug the ditch down to the level of the culvert pipe and lined it with concrete, and were puttering around with other things.  By the time Betsy got home at 5:08, someone had walked in the concrete and put the footprints in it — we don’t know who.


The concrete itself looks fine, but if you look at the depth on the photos, you will notice that the ground level is below the concrete on both sides…

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