Ten Years in the Planning — Four Hours in the Execution


The project that kept Jonathan and Nathan busy all afternoon.

Be Swift, Be Precise

I’m a happy camper — satisfied with the results of a city project — satisfied with the performance of the private contractor the city hired to do the water main replacement in front of our house.

I have done several blogs over the past few months (starting in November) about the city’s project of replacing our small water mains in our neighborhood and the neighborhoods around us.

From the start we were very satisfied with the work done by the private contractor, and with how sensitive they were to the residents. We never had any problems getting in or out when they were working on our street. They always saw us, and other residents, and let us through at the earliest opportunity.

Measuring the ditch before starting the project. Measuring the ditch before starting the project.

My only complaints with the project were two-fold:

  1. When the water main burst it went for days with no one from…

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