Be Swift, Be Precise


Today I ran my first 5K.

I didn’t train.

Well, that isn’t precisely true.  I didn’t do any RUNNING to train for running a 5K.

I have been doing weights and working on my swimming to prepare for the Kansas City Corporate Challenge swim meet. So I was getting my strength, and more importantly, my cardio in.

Since I am signed up for one event for the KCCC, that means I have signed the waiver, that makes me eligible for any other event. Earlier in the week (or was it the end of last week), they sent out an e-mail saying the 5K team had some age slots open that still needed a competitor.  Lo and behold, Men age 45-49 was open.


Since I knew the coordinator from the Bible Study Group at work, and since I am also a coordinator for the swim team, I knew what it was…

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