Electric Guitar at Avondale United Methodist Church


Be Swift, Be Precise

Today’s blog is another Sunday music summary.

The artist for the today’s special number is Michael Card, and the song is actually quite an old one by certain standards. “What Will it Take (To Keep You From Jesus)” was originally released in 1985 as part of Card’s Life of Christ Trilogy.

The song is written with an 8-bar electric guitar interlude, so when I decided to perform it, I asked the church’s music director Aaron Redburn if he would play guitar with it. My thought was for him to do the guitar during the solo section, but by the time we got through with our rehearsal “jam sessions” the guitar was getting laced through the entire number. The solo also was improved by Redburn’s own ad-libs. Having seen Card perform his own works, I know he would have approved.

Below you will see tracks for both services.  There are subtle…

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