Sorting the wheat and tares in my garden of ideas…


Be Swift, Be Precise

As I sit here on, what is for me a rainy Saturday morning, deciding what to blog about, I found this blog by Cedar Sanderson on Mad Genius Club about “Building a Blog”. I found it while doing my daily WordPress reader cycle, and went and made a long comment about my own peculiar strategy for finding daily topics for blogs.
I explained that a lot of my blog is news/event related, drawing on my days as a small-town community news reporter. I also expressed a theory to think small, and to write about what interests you, with all the focus of your interest. 
I ended by mentioning that I still needed to choose a blog topic for today. So Cedar so helpfully suggested a blog on ideas, that I could write on “the cultivation of ideas, sort of like gardening? If you don’t plant them, they won’t grow.”

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