Psalm 2, Versified


This one was rather difficult for me to write. I’m afraid I’ve been infected by the PC vision of the age, which makes “God is Love” his only attribute, and ignores the fact that God may be angry, and indeed, may have a perfect right to be angry.
The Kingdoms rage, the people shout.
What on Earth could this be all about?
Kings and rulers plot and plan
Against their Lord, and the Son of Man.

Cast off His bands, break His cords.
Nothing can make them follow the Lord.
The Lord in his Heaven sits and laughs
As if they could resist His wrath.

For God set His Son on Zion’s hill,
God made Him His heir, to follow His will.
The world is His, with an iron rod
He shatters the nations that won’t turn to God.

Let the kings learn wisdom on Earth,
Not be the target of God’s mirth.
Celebrate his rules, with fear.
Tremble as His Son draws near.

Worship the Son, bow before Him.
His anger burns, let all adore Him.
His wrath may in an instant burn,
But blessed are they that to him turn.