Life update, of sorts


It’s been a few weeks since I wrote in the blog. I’ll blame NaPoWriMo (after all, that’s easier than blaming myself. 😉 ). Next year, I’ll probably start writing for that in January. Which probably defeats the whole purpose, but might stop me from burning out so quickly.

Updates for various things:

As far as I know, they’ve finished replacing the water mains on our road, and in our neighborhood. We had a water leak in the old main for about a week in the worst part of winter, which had the water running down our ditch, and digging it out into cracks, canyons, and gorges, after the workers had shaped it nicely. But they did reshape it again after they finally switched the water to the new main, and didn’t need to have it flowing through the old pipes any more.

We also found that the salt they were putting on the roads (to take care of the ice caused by the water leak) hurt my dog’s feet. He’d go through that area limping, then be fine once we got above that, to where there was no longer ice. I don’t know if it was really salt, or salt mixed with something.

With the water switched over, they’ve switched hydrants, the old hydrants rather than the new ones having the white plate fastened under the nozzle, to show they’re not working.

I expect they’ll go through sometime in the next few months, and pull out the old hydrants.

What with shaping the ditches those several times, and spraying them with the green grass-seed spray each time, grass in the effected area is growing thick. Places which always were too rocky to grow much, even weeds, are now covered with a thick layer of grass. We’ll see how long it lasts, if it’ll still be grassy after a long hot Missouri summer.

For some reason, several times the past few weeks, the contractors who put in the pipes have been driving a tank truck, labeled “Non-Potable Water”, up and down the streets, spraying water up and down them, all over the streets, and the grass, where they’d been working. We have no idea why.

I’m guessing that they’ve been pulling the water for the trucks out of the regular water system, but that by labeling them “Non-Potable”, they don’t have to clean the tanks as often (either that, or there’s some sort of additive they need for what they’re doing). But I don’t really know.

Over the last couple of months, there’s been a pot-hole growing right where the pipe leaked last winter. Fancy that. It isn’t that large around (yet, though the asphalt is still cracking), but it is at least a couple feet deep, below the road surface.

I’m going to try to get writing my blog again more frequently, at least a couple of times a week. I have a few poems ready, or nearly ready, to get out there again (refugees from NaPoWriMo), and lots of book reviews I need to get to. I don’t think I’ll need to talk about the water main replacements again (unless something big happens).