Andrew Lloyd Webber updates Wizard of Oz


Be Swift, Be Precise

Kansas City’s Starlight Theatre opened its 64th season this week with The Wizard of Oz.

The last time Starlight did The Wizard of Oz, if my memory is correct, it was a locally produced version, that then went on the road to one or two other regional theaters. This time it was a national touring show that includes new songs by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

We went into it wondering  how well the new songs would fit in with the classics we know and love. Overall we were pleased.

The opening number was a new song, Nobody Understands Me. Personally I didn’t like the parts of it where Dorothy sang, but there were a lot of other effects worked into the song for everyone else, especially where we have the three farm workers introduced.

Each of the actors playing the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and Lion each sang the…

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