Non-triathlon experience


Be Swift, Be Precise

Well, I spent a lot of time (sort of) getting ready for this morning’s triathlon that didn’t happen.

When I was first asked, I didn’t even have an operational bicycle, though I had just ordered one through River Market Cyclery. It was two weeks before and I finally had a bicycle.  But that turned out to be the small obstacle.  within a couple of days I was easily up to 9 miles, climbing up and down my usual steep hills between work and home.

The swimming, that was a question of endurance — and I practiced in the community center pool without pushing off, swimming twice the distance required with ease.  The only question there was how it would be in open water instead of a pool. But I didn’t expect any issues there.

Then let’s think about the running. basically a 5K. I just did one of those in…

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