Psalm 3, Versified


One of the annoying things about the Psalmists is that they are not always what twenty-first century people might consider to be properly reverential and worshipful, with the proper decorum. It was bad enough in Psalm Two, when the psalmist just wanted God to shatter the enemy nations like clay pots with an iron rod. In Psalm 3, however, the psalmist seems to take positive delight in asking God to punch his enemies in the jaw, and break their teeth. I laughed out loud when I read that, and all of the versions I read said basically the same thing, though exactly where God was to punch the enemies sometimes changed (Always somewhere on the face, though it could be jaw, or cheek, etc.)

Psalm 3

Many, many, are my foes.
Many, many hate me.
Many triumph o’er my woes
And say that God’s against me.

But God is here, he is my shield.
He gives me joy and glory.
I will not fear, for he wields
A sword renown in story.

I call Him and He hears me
He answers from His Hill.
I sleep and he protects me,
I awake in comfort still.

I will not fear the thousand,
Though they are on every side.
I will not fear the thousands,
For God with me abides.

He’ll punch their jaws and break their teeth,
He will deliver me.
He’ll make all the wicked come to grief,
And bless His people free.


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