Pursuing Ensemble


Be Swift, Be Precise

There are some subjects that aren’t easy to write about. Not because the opinion isn’t strong, but because they are close enough to the self that to talk about them, frankly, can seem to be an exercise in excessive ego or self-aggrandisement, even when the purpose is merely objective analysis. Then too, there can be comparisons and mentions of others in the opinion that could offend without intending.

Yet today I’ll still brave both those dangers to discuss singing, musical rehearsals, and the Avondale United Methodist Church Choir.

Something that our current Choir Director, Aaron Redburn, has been demonstrating to us, is that when you start getting good at something, you actually have more things to work on in rehearsals, not less. Our choir has crossed a certain line. We aren’t just running notes, learning parts, we are working on the things that make music, not merely singing.

This really…

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