Nathan’s Confirmation Tho’ts


It’s always amazing how fast kids grow up. I remember Nathan being a cute, chubby little baby who loved to cuddle with me as I held him on my lap. Today, he towers over me. It isn’t quite the “turn around and they’re young, turn around and their grown,” like in the song, but it does happen quicker than I would have thought.

My son was confirmed today in church. In this case, that means he completed about a year’s worth of class work, learning about the United Methodist tradition and theology. It’s been about four years since they had their last confirmation class, which my daughter went through. He’s one of the oldest kids in this year’s class, and also one of the tallest. Though there was one boy who was taller, and a year younger.

I’m proud of the young man my son is turning into. He’s funny, smart, loves music, loves video games. He is a good worker, though difficult to motivate on occasion.

I look forward to see him continue to grow up.