Waiting for the rabbit


The bunny, the bunny, we’re waiting for the bunny . . .

Be Swift, Be Precise

Last night we started hoping for the soon arrival of Google Fiber in our fiberhood more than ever. A thunderstorm started and our Clear.com modem was able to get the tower but not able to get the internet.

Betsy had just really gotten into her play time on ToonTown Rewritten, and Nathan was counting down the last of his hours in the PlayLine to be able to get in. But with the internet out at the tower, Betsy couldn’t play, and Nathan was in danger of losing his place in line and having to go back to 3-4 days waiting time. If you lose connection for more than 15 minutes you lose your place in line.

Clear.com kept us without internet for 14 minutes.

So Nathan didn’t lose his place.

Me, I was working remotely from home, and thought I would have to make today even longer to finish last…

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