Good-bye to Seth


When we got back from our vacation, we received the unwelcome news that our new organist (who, IIRC, has been here for about six months), was going to be leaving us.

That’ll show us to go on vacation ever again. 😉

He lives in Lawrence, Kansas, where he’s working on his doctorate, and traveled an hour each way, twice a week, to get to our little church in Kansas City North. So, it really makes sense that when a church organist position opened up in Lawrence, he’d take it.

We really are going to miss him. It’s entirely possible that he was too good an organist to really belong in our little church, but we weren’t going to complain about that. 😀 One thing that Jonathan and I were very thankful for was how well he and our choir director, Aaron, get along.

It won’t be easy to replace him. Organists of his caliber don’t come along every day, and getting that degree of chemistry is even rarer.

Good luck, Seth. We’ll miss you.