Papa Pat reviews “The Ugly Knight”


Papa Pat gave me a very nice review for my book, The Ugly Knight. 🙂


This is such a pleasant, pleasant book! There is a lightness in the way it is written, that even in the scenes where Korton (The Ugly Knight) and Elzi (his resolute love interest) face the Ultimate Evil, it’s almost…peaceful. There is one exception, which I’ll get to later.
I THINK that the reason the book is so pleasant has to do with the nature of Korton. He is an unassuming young man, the son and grandson of a tailor, so he doesn’t have snooty attitudes to get over before he becomes likable. He succeeds in his difficult apprenticeship process because he works hard. He gets up early. He takes care of his own horse. And while he does not have the raw, natural talent of Jelan, a senior squire who befriends him, he just keeps practicing and hammering away until, pretty much to everyone’s surprise, he finishes early and with greater skills than any of his peers.
It’s true character, not just a role that he is playing. On his first quest, to kill a dragon, he takes the time to befriend an aged house servant. Because this is a book, of course, it MUST be shown that his easy-going relationships with servants produce unexpected rewards, but honestly folks: he’s not doing it for that reason. He’s just a nice guy. And he meets a nice girl, and good things happen: they become friends, and eventually fall in love.


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  1. Wow.  That’s an impressive review.  Since I don’t use a Kindle, is there a way for me to read your book? Thank you! Mark Whitaker mobile/text: (blog)

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    • Hi, Mark!

      There should be a free Kindle app available for your computer and/or phone, or I could send you a Word version if you’d prefer. 🙂


      • For some reason, your reply didn’t show up in my email inbox but I found it when I went to your blog. I might look into the Kindle app but for now, Word version is fine.


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