TV Review: The A-Team


This is another series from the ’80s that we’ve found at the library, and are enjoying watching.

“If you are in trouble, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire ‘The A-Team’.”

The show was fun, a lot of fluff, and probably even less realistic than, say, “Bewitched”. Lots of flying bullets, few people getting hurt (unless it was important for the plot). Hiding from the military police in Los Angeles, while driving a really distinctive black van. Face set up in a different really lucrative fake career each time. Breaking Murdock out of the hospital each time. All that over and over again.

I remember them building a tank every week from whatever was lying around in that episode, but now that we’re watching it, they don’t build tanks nearly that often. Maybe once a month or so.

But it was a formula show, of course. In one of the best senses of the word. They were hired to make something right, or happened to come across something really wrong on their own, and went up against the bad guys. Things went horribly wrong, and Hannibal Smith (the leader) would say, “I love it when a plan comes together.” Then they’d go up against the bad guys again, and win. Decisively. And then they’d leave (sometimes with a hefty fee, more often without one), just as the military police were driving up (lights flashing, sirens blaring).

Some political commentary in a few episodes, but mostly just nearly bloodless shoot-em-up fun.