Writing Update


I’ve allowed myself to get out of the habit of writing every day, and once I skip a day or two, it becomes all too easy to continue to skip a week or two or three. But I think I’ve gotten back into things, if I can just get myself out the door early enough in the mornings.

I’ve been working on re-reading and some small editing to the book I wrote twenty years ago, before I got married. It was hard work getting into it. I had hoped since it was years since I’d even looked at the thing, that I’d have the distance to be able to read it, but apparently not. I’ve managed to force my way through it once, and then much easier the next couple of times, looking for typos, etc. I’m still not able to go through and see if it’s any good, all I can see are the flaws. I’ve been hoping for months that my husband would read it as well, so he could give me his thoughts on it, but it hasn’t happened yet.

I’ve managed to get around the point in the current book where I was stuck (not through the stuck point, I had to back up and come at it a different way), and am hopeful that once I’ve gotten all the typing caught up, I’ll be able to move forward, and finish it. I’m expecting it to still be a bit shorter than many of the tomes that come out nowadays, though.

Speaking of typing, etc., another character has come out of the woodwork. But she didn’t bring any story along with her, and she’s clamoring for attention. I’m in the process of writing/typing a couple of scenes for her on her own, which will hopefully keep her quiet and contented enough until I can deal with her story properly. I’m still working on it, but I’ve put a little bit up in this page (*link to*).

That’s about it for now. Hopefully next month I’ll have more to talk about.


Writing Update


I’d been having  some problems with my characters rebelling at me. I finally bit the bullet, and got rid of about 1500 words, and started those scenes over. The main thing was that my Wise Old Sage had told my Young Band of Adventurers something he shouldn’t have, and they all refused to go on any further once they knew. So, go back and have him not tell them that thing, and they don’t rebel, and keep on going. So far it seems to be working.

It’s annoying to have to get rid of a several days’ work, but my characters stopped fighting me, so it’s probably worth it. And I was able to write more than half the words back again today.

I’m pretty sure that my Wise Old Sage isn’t really supposed to know what he told the characters anyway. I’d rather  not have him even suspect until it’s close to being too late.

Writing Update



Unfortunately, I let myself be drawn away from my writing over the holiday break, though I hadn’t wanted to be. But I think I’m finally getting back into it. I’ve managed to fill another 9000 word file on my Neo, and expect that it’ll take at least one, possibly two, more to finally reach the end of the story. I’m hoping to get it all done well before summer vacation. Then, of course, I’ll have to edit it. Not fun. At the moment, I still have about 500 words ready to type into the next file.

Things are finally starting to occur, and I think it’s getting pretty exciting, rather than having everyone just standing around talking. Though, at the moment, my characters are standing around talking how things are getting exciting, which is rather less exciting. At least they’re talking, though. I have had times where they’re just standing around giving each other meaningful glances. Makes me want to reach into the notebook, and give them all a good shaking to make them say something.

I’ve had a few scenes where I’m no longer following the main character, but watching a different character. I’m not so certain about those. I’ll probably have to get rid of them before I’m entirely finished.

Story Notes


I seem to have gotten past the point where my characters were not talking to each other, and instead exchanging meaningful looks. I wanted to reach in and strangle them.

“Hey, guys, this is a verbal medium, not a visual one, say something!”

On a side note, “dorst” is an agricultural term referencing “dorse” which is a prickly nuisance plant that can only be gotten rid of by burning. Nowadays, it’s even worse, since it’s considered an endangered species, and burning it is illegal. 😉

Story notes


In the story I’m writing, Our Heroes have been caught in a huge thunderstorm, that’s causing some flooding, and other problems.  Oddly enough, there’s no wind. Several of the characters have remarked upon it, as well as noting that there’d only been “isolated showers” forecast for that day.

Finally it occurred to me, maybe this is no ordinary storm! doo doo doo doot. doo doo doo doot. Which probably means that the McGuffin that I merely meant as a plot device to get Our Heroes together with the Wise Old Sage, and get his mind thinking in the correct era, may actually be Something More.

I need to get back to writing.