Busy Week


Well, it’s been an eventful week.

The hot water pipe in the crawlspace broke on Friday (ironically, just before the extreme cold spell hit), leaving us without water for most of the day. Fortunately, it was the same spot that broke a few years ago, which my husband had fixed with a “Sharkbite” connector. Actually, it was the seal on the connector which failed, so all he had to do was replace it with another Sharkbite. Easy enough, once we all figured it out, but we were without water most of the day.

Monday, Jonathan went in to the bone doctor, with his MRI results, and ended up getting his cast taken off one hand (and given a brace instead), and then they replaced the brace on the other hand with a cast.

Then the kids were off school again on Monday, and a couple of hours delayed on Tuesday, because of the “Polar Vortex” extreme cold.

Tuesday, I took Rocky out for his long walk, the first time I’d taken him out since the kids got off of school. Being a dog, he found the half hour walk in the cold and snow invigorating rather than tiring, so once we got home,  I was encouraging him to run around the house a bit to tire himself out. He got so excited he jumped up on the couch (a big no-no), and suddenly yelped, and went to hide in the basement for a while.

I kept an eye on him all day. He was mostly acting fine, but that evening, while my son was using Rocky as a pillow, and playing with his feet, he yelped and got away. Wednesday morning he mostly enjoyed the walk, though twice he laid down in the snow and licked his feet. I was assuming he got snow packed between his toes (always uncomfortable), but when we got home, I noticed he didn’t need to be chased around the house like usual, just went to sleep on his own. So, I took him to the vet, and left him there until he could be looked at.

The vet thought that maybe he broke his wrist (just like my husband!), so she wanted to X-ray him (ever notice how expensive things seem to show up and be necessary just when you’re trying to save money?). They didn’t see any breaks on the X-ray, so we’re treating him with restricted activity, and pain pills.

He doesn’t do well with restricted activities. He’s got too much bounce in him. Hopefully, he’ll be better in a couple of weeks, though. Not like the time shortly after we got him when he got a bad cut in his toe-pad that took months to heal.

Hopefully, next week will be closer to normal, and I can get back into my normal blogging routine.