Psalm 6, Versified


For the choir director. With stringed instruments. According to sheminith. A psalm of David.

Lord, keep me safe from your anger,
Don’t punish me in your wrath.
God, hold me up in your mercy,
For I’m too weak to follow your path.

My bones quake in agony,
I cry out to be healed.
My soul burns in anguish,
How long must I wait afield?

Lord, you are my salvation.
Turn and deliver me.
Your love unfailing I long for,
And your merciful face to see.

Among the dead no one praises.
No corpse can call on your name.
No songs are heard from the casket.
The graveyard is ever the same.

I am grown weak from moaning,
I flood my pillow with tears,
My eyes grow weary from sorrow,
I cannot face all of my fears.

The Lord has heard my weeping.
The Lord has accepted my prayers.
Flee, you evildoers,
I follow the Lord who cares.

My enemies are in anguish,
The all are put to shame.
They turn back in their fear,
But I will praise your name.


Psalm 5 (Versified)


Hear my words, Oh Lord!
I weep, for help I cry.
Oh Lord, my God, My King,
Hear my voice and draw nigh.

In the morning I call,
At dawn I offer my prayer.
I wait and wait for your help,
For I know that you are there.

You hate all evil.
Wicked men run in fear.
The proud kneel before you,
Humbled when you are near.

Those who lie and do wrong,
Those who cheat and steal and kill,
You hate with a burning fire,
Destroying them as you will.

But by your great love I come.
In reverence I bow down,
In your temple, your house,
Wherever you may be found.

Lead me, Lord, I pray.
You know what is right.
My enemies pursue me,
But I walk in the light.

They breathe out lies,
Their heart is filled with hate.
Declare them guilty, O God!
Banish them to their fate.

Rejoice, those who take refuge,
Singing ever in praise.
Hide them under your wings,
Let them sing your name always.

Surely you bless the pure,
Around them put a force field.
They sing for joy to you,
With your favor for a shield.

Time ever swiftly flows


Time ever swiftly flows
Like a river, like a stream,
Upon its surface as it goes
We glide in a waking dream.

Once flowing time has passed you by,
You will never see it come again.
Grab the best as you fly,
Hold on to all you can.

But let go of all that holds you down,
For everything might not be gold.
Some things lost, some things found,
Grant the freedom to be bold.

Each moment may contain a song,
Joy or sorrow, love or fear.
List as the time goes along,
Take heed to all you hear.

Time holds us in an iron vise,
From first dawning until night.
But to the heavens lift your eyes,
Soon the true dawn will be alight.

Doors open, doors close


Doors open, doors close,
It is up to you to go through.
Wide doors, narrow doors,
Each leading somewhere new.

Some doors stay open forever,
Some quickly close.
Chances taken or forgotten.
Ending where? Who knows?

Take the road set before you,
Choose your doors with care.
Follow the path as best you can,
To the Lord who set it there.

The doors may open to sorrow,
The path might lead to bliss,
The road may be fraught with peril,
But chose the way that is His.

Each choice you make in the morning,
Each decision you make at noon,
Each plan you make in the evening,
Will limit your pathways soon.

The choices you make are real ones,
Shaping the road you trod.
Choose your doorway with caution,
To find the path that leads to God.

A song from the heart


A song from the heart,
Reaching toward the skies.
A song from the soul,
Touching those that go by.

Sing the song in your heart,
For the Lord is always near.
He will lift up your soul,
For He holds you dear.

Praise the Lord in your heart
Let His praise be in your mouth.
Sing His praise in your soul,
Shout it to both north and south.

Worship God in your heart.
Seek His good night and day.
Hold His words in your soul,
Keep his truth with you always.

For God is high and lifted up,
Far above the works of man.
Far above the stars and galaxies
Shines the light of the true I AM.