The King of the Earth and the Sea



(To be sung to the tune of Ada. That is the other tune for the song “Redeemed”.)

The King of the earth and the sea,
The Lord of the wind and the rain,
Who rules o’er all that might be,
Is now and forever the same.

He reigns, he reigns,
He reigns in heaven on high.
The world he holds in his fingers,
He reigns over ocean and sky.

He came to the world in a manger.
He lived, learned, he laughed and he grew.
To mankind no longer a stranger.
His word will make everything new.

He came, he came,
He came to dwell on the earth
His presence will light up the darkness,
And give to us all a new birth.

He died that the world might be free,
No longer to sin be a slave.
Open in your eyes and you’ll see,
The price of the gift that he gave.

He died, he died.
He died to bring life ever more.
His blood shed to ransom your pardon,
That your soul in heaven might soar.

He rose that world might behold him,
To see him in glory and light.
To show that the grave could not hold him,
And, like him, our souls can take flight.

He rose, he rose,
Death no longer can win.
The grave no more may conquer,
Our hearts are now free from sin.

In heaven, the Lord waits the hour
When back to the earth he will come.
The world waits to see him in power,
The summer we worship the Son.

He comes, he comes,
The world no longer need fear.
He comes, shouting out in his triumph
As we will forever draw near.

Psalm 4, versified


When I call, the Lord will answer,
He hears me in distress.
He sends me hope for my prayers
And his mercy is never less.

How long, how long, will men hate me?
And turn my glory into shame?
How long, how long, will they flee you?
Choosing illusions over your name?

The Lord has chosen me,
So I must follow Him.
He listens when I call,
And makes me free from sin.

In your anger, chose not sin.
Always search both heart and soul.
Offer Him gifts from a righteous heart.
Trust in the One who makes you whole.

Many, many, seek for riches,
But I will always seek Your face.
While they rejoice in wine and grain,
I will revel in your grace.

I will sleep and be assured
That I will rise to serve again
For with You I dwell securely,
Fearing nothing that comes from men.

Psalm 3, Versified


One of the annoying things about the Psalmists is that they are not always what twenty-first century people might consider to be properly reverential and worshipful, with the proper decorum. It was bad enough in Psalm Two, when the psalmist just wanted God to shatter the enemy nations like clay pots with an iron rod. In Psalm 3, however, the psalmist seems to take positive delight in asking God to punch his enemies in the jaw, and break their teeth. I laughed out loud when I read that, and all of the versions I read said basically the same thing, though exactly where God was to punch the enemies sometimes changed (Always somewhere on the face, though it could be jaw, or cheek, etc.)

Psalm 3

Many, many, are my foes.
Many, many hate me.
Many triumph o’er my woes
And say that God’s against me.

But God is here, he is my shield.
He gives me joy and glory.
I will not fear, for he wields
A sword renown in story.

I call Him and He hears me
He answers from His Hill.
I sleep and he protects me,
I awake in comfort still.

I will not fear the thousand,
Though they are on every side.
I will not fear the thousands,
For God with me abides.

He’ll punch their jaws and break their teeth,
He will deliver me.
He’ll make all the wicked come to grief,
And bless His people free.

Psalm 2, Versified


This one was rather difficult for me to write. I’m afraid I’ve been infected by the PC vision of the age, which makes “God is Love” his only attribute, and ignores the fact that God may be angry, and indeed, may have a perfect right to be angry.
The Kingdoms rage, the people shout.
What on Earth could this be all about?
Kings and rulers plot and plan
Against their Lord, and the Son of Man.

Cast off His bands, break His cords.
Nothing can make them follow the Lord.
The Lord in his Heaven sits and laughs
As if they could resist His wrath.

For God set His Son on Zion’s hill,
God made Him His heir, to follow His will.
The world is His, with an iron rod
He shatters the nations that won’t turn to God.

Let the kings learn wisdom on Earth,
Not be the target of God’s mirth.
Celebrate his rules, with fear.
Tremble as His Son draws near.

Worship the Son, bow before Him.
His anger burns, let all adore Him.
His wrath may in an instant burn,
But blessed are they that to him turn.

Psalm 1, Versified


I’ve decided to try to go through this year and “versify” Psalms, as a devotional exercise. My goal is to complete one psalm a week, but considering that it took me three weeks to get through Psalm 1, that may be pushing things somewhat. Or you could say that it only took me one hour, after I switched the tune I was trying to write to.

Based on Psalm 1
To the tune of “O Worship the King.”

The man who loves God,
How blessed is he!
To follow God’s path
To stand in the judgment,
To sit in the throng
Which worships the Saviour
All the day long.

The man who loves God
Will grow like a tree,
With leaves that are green,
With fruit abundantly.
God’s love flows like water,
Alive in a stream,
That waters the roots,
And keeps the leaves green.

Not so are the wicked,
They’re like the dry leaves,
That blow in the wind,
That blow on the breeze
Their ways are forsaken,
Their pathways are dim.
For all roads shall perish
That lead not to Him.



I was privileged this morning to be able sing the special music in church this morning. I chose “Redeemed” by Fanny J. Crosby, using the “Ada” tune, rather than the familiar “Redeemed” tune. I always liked the lilting feel of that hymn.

Jonathan not only played for me, but also recorded the videos from the services. I’ve posted both of them below, but they are practically identical. It’s just a smidgen out of my really comfortable singing range, and I kept forgetting to breathe, but otherwise I really appreciated having the opportunity to sing.

8:30 Worship Service

10:50 Worship Service

I heard that while I was singing during  the first service, a little red-headed bird kept on bouncing around on the window sill behind me, and flew off when I was finished. I wish I had seen it.

Buy truth, and don’t sell it


Buy truth, and don’t sell it,
Though it cost you all you own.
Seek true knowledge and wisdom,
Learn all that can be known.

Seek knowledge like silver,
Truth is more precious than gold.
Do not forsake your wisdom,
That was treasured by sages of old.

True wisdom is costly,
True knowledge is rare.
All come from the kingdom of folly,
But you don’t need to stay there.

Some sell their wisdom for pyrite,
Thinking that they’ve purchased gold.
Some trade their wisdom for power,
But find it’s themselves that’s been sold.

A mind is not sated by riches.
Power seeks more and more.
But wisdom flows like a river,
Living water to those on the shore.

The Light shines in the Darkness


The Light shines in the Darkness,
But the Darkness does not see
And so it condemns and ridicules
The Truth that could set it free.

The World rejoices in Darkness.
It delights in sorrow and fear.
It denies the hope of the Living,
But Joy abundant is near.

I lift up my eyes to the hills,
Where Hope descends in a stream.
Joy will come with the dawning,
And turn sorrows into a dream.

Awake! the Day is dawning!
Claim the Joy of the morn!
Fear not the noises of Nighttime.
The Day is about to be born!

Advent 4, The Wooden Nativity


We take each piece,
Unpack each part,
Place it firmly in the tableau.
We set the scene,
Arrange the stage,
To remind us of long ago.

Angel, shepherd,
Sheep and cow,
Camel, donkey, wise men three,
Mary, Joseph,
Manger, child,
Neatly set for all to see.

The star is shining
From high above
On this wooden nativity,
As we remember
The Lord of Love
Who came to earth to set us free.

We sing the songs,
The carols raise.
Repeated each from year to year.
Like angels sang,
We sing on earth for all to hear.

“Welcome, Jesus!”
Now we sing,
The carols learned from long ago.
The manger child
Was born a King.
Remind us still through this tableau.

The star is shining
From high above
On this wooden nativity,
As we remember
The Lord of Love
Who came to earth to set us free.

Advent 3 — Riding Down to Bethlehem


Riding down to Bethlehem
Joseph and Mary went,
There to be born in Bethlehem
The babe whom Heaven sent.

Riding up to Jerusalem
The King whom Heaven adored.
There to die in Jerusalem,
The ever living Lord.

Riding down to Bethlehem
Upon a donkey’s foal
Seeking shelter in Bethlehem
For the one who sheltered all.

Riding up to Jerusalem
Upon a donkey’s colt.
They laid their coats in Jerusalem
So his feet would feel no jolt.

Riding down to Bethlehem
They found a manger stall
And shepherds came to Bethlehem
To worship the Lord of All.

Riding up to Jerusalem
The crowd would not be still.
But if no one spoke in Jerusalem,
The praise would ring out still.

Riding down to Bethlehem
Magi and wise men came.
Gifts they brought to Bethlehem
To the one who’s ever the same.

Riding up to Jerusalem,
He wished to gather them
Under his wings in Jerusalem,
Just like a mother hen.

Riding down to Bethlehem,
Mary pondered what she saw.
Wondering in Bethlehem,
What would come of it all?

Riding up in Jerusalem,
The crowds faded away.
But Judas stood in Jerusalem,
Making a choice that day.