Mugshots of characters


I still owe a few people book reviews, which I’ll try to get out in the next week, but I thought today I’d do something else today, once I finish battling with WordPress, which has changed its posting interface without notice. (Going through the Dashboard to create a post brings us back to the old posting interface).

Some time ago I Simmed all the main characters in my An & Mattan story (currently available unedited under “Writing” in the sidebar, if you can get through it). So, just for kicks, I’m going to show what the characters look like. Since I’m not one for making custom content, I’ve been stuck using whatever hair I can find, and sometimes I’m not too happy with what I come up with.
But anyway:

  1. An
    Screenshot-451Her picture turns out pretty well. She’s almost smiling (unlike most of the rest of the pictures, where my characters are scowling at me). At least you can see her green eyes, freckles, and red/brown hair. I’m not sure what’s going on with the shine in the mirror, though.
  2. Mattan
    Screenshot-459 Mattan’s hair is wrong in this picture. It should be pulled off his forehead, not over it, and everything below the band (which should be more of a flat clasp or barrette) should be blue. (His hair also should be slightly shorter in the back.)
    Screenshot-444 Mattan with short hair. I forgot to have him wear his leather jacket when I posed him for this picture. He pretty much always wears it. When he’s working in his workshop, he also wears a baseball cap turned backwards, but I decided not to post it this time.

  3. Jasin
    Screenshot-439Jasin turned out almost too cute (he’s better looking when he smiles), though once again I’m not sure what’s going on with the shine in the mirror. He has the same red/brown hair as An. I tried to make his hair redder, and An’s browner, but I couldn’t give them quite distinguished the way  I wanted without going  too obvious.

  4. Belinda
    Screenshot-449Belinda’s hair is fine, but I don’t like the way her face turned out as much. (She’s dressed for working in the restaurant.) She should be prettier, without losing the strength in her face. She has a bit too much jaw/chin, or something. More than I’d like anyway.

  5. Tolly
    Screenshot-447Tolly suffers a little because all Sims of the same age group are exactly the same height. (If you give Sims high heels, it doesn’t make them taller, it shortens their legs.) Tolly is supposed to be considerably taller than the other characters, so this doesn’t come off well. I’ve tried to make his shoulders as broad as I could, but I’m not sure it helped much. But his orange, slightly rumpled hair came through just fine.

  6. Glorina

Screenshot-453Similar problem to Tolly, Glorina is supposed to be smaller than nearly everyone else. I settled for giving her narrow shoulders.



  1. Jelana

Screenshot-457 Jelana is the one I wish most I could find the right hair for.

In the first picture, the hair is much too curly, in the second, it is a little too long, and in the third, it is much too smooth.

Screenshot-456If I had the skills to combine the three hairstyles, I’d probably be able to figure out something.

I made her a teen, rather than an adult, because she’s supposed to look very young. This also makes her shorter than the others (though it  doesn’t usually work  that way in real life.

Screenshot-455 I also gave her slightly alien eyes, which did seem to work out better for displaying her not-quite- human status.

I didn’t even try to Sim Daved. I don’t think I could give him enough of an “Uncanny Valley” enough of an appearance. Especially since the Sims are quite Uncanny Valley on their own.

Am I going crazy?


Don’t answer that.

I could  have sworn last night after I typed part of Section 6 of my An & Mattan story, I never copied it over to my computer. But I found that portion of it on my computer, and a page in my blog. So, did I do that in my sleep? ::Puzzled::

Anyway, I’ve now finished typing in. I’m going to do a quick read-through for typos and such this week, then put it aside and edit it later, after I’ve let some other people look at it.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

An & Mattan Story Notes


I’ve now finished typing up Parts 4 & 5 of my An & Mattan story, and am 3000 words into Part 6. I figure I still have about 8000 words to finish typing in, including the Epilogue.. That probably will take me until at least Wednesday, possibly Thursday. I at least am past the big climax of the story, and into the winding things up section.

Then, I figure I’ll probably let it sit for a week, before going back to edit it. I have plenty of other things I need to edit in the meantime, as well as other stories that are shoving their way into my brain. (Not the stories I wanted to do next, of course. Other stories.)

I still have no idea if this one is any good or not. I’m sure it needs a lot of work.

Links to the story chunks:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Done! (Sorta)


I think I’ve finally finished with my handwritten rough draft for my An & Mattan story. I still have to write an epilogue for it, though.
Actually, what probably need to do is find a place to put in a flash-back, and put the extra information there. But for now, we’ll call it an epilogue.

I stayed out writing for about an hour longer than I usually do today, since I was in the middle of the climax of the story, and couldn’t put my pen down until I finished that scene.


I’ve had a reasonable amount of clicks on the first part of my An & Mattan story, considering how little traffic I get on my blog in the first place, but very few people click on to the other parts. So it probably isn’t very good as written. Still, it’s the first time I’ve gotten this close to finishing a story in close to 30 years, so I’m excited. I’ll try to have the rest of it up on my blog in a week or two. Then I’ll have to start editing it  (ugh) to make it fit for human consumption.