Comparing Worlds of Fun to Disney


Which, of course, is entirely unfair. Worlds of Fun is a small amusement park while Walt Disney World is a huge collection of parks. And thankfully so well, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to afford to go to Worlds of Fun.

Worlds of Fun has added television sets to the places you are most likely to stand in line. These tend to show fun park facts, music videos and other park related activities. Unfortunately, these television sets tend to be loud and interfere with the other musical background of the area. Hence the comparison to dip to Walt Disney World.

We went to Walt Disney World two years back (unless our financial system situation dramatically changes probably won’t be back there for another 10 years or more) and noticed the things they do to keep people interested while in line.

For instance, in Pooh’s Blustery Day , the waiting line had a huge touchscreen display which showed honey dripping down. If you rubbed your hand over the touchscreen honey , you can gradually scrub away the honey and find pictures under it. I thought that was fun. Other lines had other activities. And the lines, that didn’t have activities had interesting things to look at and were usually a nice place to get out of the sun and into the air-conditioning.

One thing that Walt Disney World is good at, and that Worlds of Fun could improve in is the musical background. They both have it. But where Walt Disney World has distinct audio areas where you stop hearing the music in one before you reach the other Worlds of Fun may have three or four musics blaring at you from just different directions at the same time, which can be headache inducing.

Of course, we will continue cut to come to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. Several times a week because we live here and have season tickets and enjoy it, even with its foibles.