First Real Snow of the Season



This weekend we had our first real snow of the season. Two inches of the fluffy stuff somewhere between Saturday evening and Sunday morning. This was on top of the icy drizzle/rain we had all afternoon Saturday (Saturday morning was fine, we made sure to get out and do our errands before the rain started up).

Our road did apparently get plowed while we were at church. I say apparently, because it was rather hard to tell. Should the sun come out, and it warm up a bit, it should make it easier for all the snow pack to melt off.

We’ve lived in our house about ten years, and last year is the first time we ever had a snow-plow go down our road. I’ve gotten stuck a few times trying to go up (or down) the hill, just given up and parked at the church parking lot at the bottom (or top) of the hill, etc. One time, even the postal delivery person got stuck (and they use chains).

Usually, this far after the storm, they’ll have the primary and secondary roads cleared off. Our road being a tertiary road (or lower. What’s the next “ary” word?) might get a swipe with the plow, or otherwise left to fend for itself.

Today, however, when I went out, the primary roads were almost clear, but it looks like they just barely plowed the secondary roads. I just took them slowly, and had no problem. Of course, though, I might have problems trying to get back up our hill, rather than just trying to go down it.

Sunday was supposed to be the Church Christmas pageant for the kids. The choir didn’t even have an anthem prepared for it. They still had service, but canceled the children’s program. We had to quickly come up with a choir anthem, and our choir director was one of those people who couldn’t get out because of the storm. For a little bit we only had one person on each part, then a few more people came up before the service, and we had two people on each part (which was much easier). We scoured the hymnal, and ended up singing “In the Bleak Midwinter”.

Somehow, the line “snow on snow” seemed particularly appropriate.

The children’s pageant has been rescheduled for January 5th. Hopefully the weather will cooperate by then.