Say “Hi” to the Neighbors


Today’s Blogging 101 challenge was to follow five new topics and five new blogs. Unfortunately, I’m already following enough blogs and feeds that I have difficulty keeping up with them all. So, instead, I’m going to list five blogs (of the many) that I follow:

  1. According to Hoyt The ramblings of Sarah Hoyt (and friends). This includes political commentary, novel chapters, discussions of writing, and the writing industry, and much more.
  2. The Elfyverse My friend Barb Caffrey discusses writing, her books, sports, politics, book reviews, whatever else is on her mind.
  3. Mad Genius Club A group of indie writers discuss various aspects of self-publishing, from making covers, to editing. They discuss the perils and perks of self-publishing. And have great fun doing so.
  4. Nathaniel Hoover’s Blog Nathaniel Hoover posts many game play-throughs on YouTube, under the names GeminiLazer and GameCola (he also is an editor at the GameCola site). My son loves watching his videos (among others), and so I get to hear them (over and over and over). Somewhere along the line, I’ve gotten to really like his sense of humor, and started following his blog, and commenting frequently. (Probably not as frequently as I do at According to Hoyt or Mad Genius, but it stands out more.)
  5. Be Swift, Be Precise My husband’s blog. ❤ He tries to blog every day. Frequently it’s on things he covers in the classes he takes, some thought on movies, books, life in general.

I have numerous other blogs that I enjoy and follow, but I limited it to five. I had a tough time deciding which ones to include. (Other than my husband’s. That one was easy.)