Watching the snow come down


We’ve had our first major winter snow in two years today. It wasn’t as bad as the blizzard we had a couple of years back, but it looks like about a foot or so of the white stuff came down.

No school for the kids, and they’ve also called it off for tomorrow, also. After a walk this morning, where the dog and I both got a lot of snow caked in our fur, he decided to spend most of the day just resting on the couch.

We saw a truck trying to make it up the hill, and failing. He must have eventually found a way out though, since he’s not there any more.

My husband had the option of staying in town overnight, rather than coming home, but decided not to take it, since the storm wasn’t going to hit until this morning. Tonight, though, he’ll stay in town. Maybe by tomorrow night things will be pretty well plowed out.DSC01965 DSC01968 DSC01994 DSC01971

Comparison shots over about 4 hours of watching the snow come down. I think that more came down than was visible in these shots, but the snow compacted a bit more.

My dog had a good idea on how to spend the day. He’s only allowed to go on the couch in the play room, and officially only when we don’t see him. There’s sometimes interesting definitions of “not seeing him”.




Waiting for the storm


Today has been spent in rather a holding pattern, waiting for the storm that is supposed to hit tonight and most of tomorrow. I already got the week’s grocery shopping done, etc. There is rather a feeling of anticipation in the air, and nothing much we can do about it.

Before the blizzard two years ago, our dog just lay quietly in the corner and slept most of the day, as well as sleeping most of the day when the blizzard hit. He was a bit quieter than usual today, but not nearly as much so as before the blizzard, which does rather suggest to me that the storm won’t be nearly as big as that blizzard was, in spite of all the hype we’ve been getting.

Still, a projected 6-10 inches of snow is nothing to sneeze at. At least not for Kansas City.

We did get the word that school is cancelled for tomorrow, so that’s one thing down.

Walking on the Ice


Walking on the ice,
Walking in the snow,
Cold, cold, cold,
As on we go.
I’m bundled up
As much as can be,
But I think the dog
Likes it more than me.
We’d like to go faster,
But on ice I’d slip.
He doesn’t much care if
Over I’d trip.
He stops twice
To clean his feet,
Or bark at those
Pesky cats we meet.
He doesn’t get why
We soon turn around
When he’s not done
Sniffing the ground.
My glasses are almost
Froze to my nose,
The dog complains
Of ice in his toes.
But he’d still love
To stand out there,
Sniffing out the scents
In the clean, crisp air.

Spring Snow, and Non-Escaping Dog


Funny, last week, it was so warm we had all the windows open and were wearing shorts. Now, as soon as the weekend came, it turned cold, and even snowed. It snowed all afternoon yesterday, and didn’t stop until sometime late last night. Of course, for most of the afternoon, it didn’t stick at all, just turned everything wet and yucky. Overnight, it did start to stick though. Just enough to cover the grass and the tree-branches. Not enough to actually stick to the roads or driveways. The snow was still there when we got up, and when I took the dog out, but it didn’t stay around much longer. Pretty much as soon as the sun hit it, it was gone. Fortunately.

I’m from Michigan, so I’m used to having nice weather, then snow again the first week of spring. But even there, we didn’t usually get shorts weather before hand.

I think it’s now been several months since the dog escaped. Which means that we’ve gotten considerably better at keeping ahold of him, rather than that he’s reformed at all. I can tell that he’s still longing to race around the park all day, chasing squirrels and cats and whatever else he’d find, and coming home filthy, soaked, and tired. Then, of course, he’d have to go through the horrors of a bath (why does he like playing in the water so much and hate baths?), and spend the next day or two barely able to move with his sore muscles. Of course, delayed consequences don’t discourage him much at all. Even that bad cut on his foot last spring, and the six weeks wearing the cone of shame and hardly being let out of the house didn’t discourage him, either. That was hard work keeping him cooped up like that. The first week or so was easy, since he didn’t feel like moving, but after that he felt better, and was back to his bouncy self, and couldn’t understand why we weren’t taking him for any walks other than right around the house, and just long enough to do his business.

Missouri Weather


It has been closer to “normal” weather this week. The three storms that hit over Christmas break weren’t really that unusual, except that they all hit in such a short period of time, without any time in between for the snow to melt. And that it was so cold, too.

The snow is all gone now, and has been for a few weeks, except, of course, for the piles in various parking lots. Those’ll probably be there until spring. We’ve had a few flurries in the mean-time, and about a week where we didn’t see the sun at all, with several days of winter fog. That was rather depressing.

I figured that today would be another day where we didn’t see the sun, since the clouds seemed so thick this morning. But by this afternoon, it’s grown brighter again, and the sun is out.

I’ve heard (not from the weather forecasters, just from people talking) that the weather in February is supposed to be like it was in December, that the storms that whacked us in December are making their way all the way around the globe, and will be hitting us again. It’s too early to see how true that is, but somehow I doubt that a series of storms could keep their coherency that long, across several continents and oceans. It may be that I’m just underestimating the stubbornness of storms, though. I know that once hurricanes start reaching a large expanse of dry land, they start breaking up, so that we in Missouri only receive the faintest brush from them. We can get some good thunderstorms out of them (especially if the warm, moist air from the south hits some particularly cool air from the north), but that’s about it.

But, anyway, it’s been almost warm outside these last couple of days. Warm for January/February, anyway. This type of weather would be downright cold in August. I hope it stays that way for a while. But you know what they say about Missouri weather. If you don’t like it, wait a day, it’ll change.