The King of the Earth and the Sea



(To be sung to the tune of Ada. That is the other tune for the song “Redeemed”.)

The King of the earth and the sea,
The Lord of the wind and the rain,
Who rules o’er all that might be,
Is now and forever the same.

He reigns, he reigns,
He reigns in heaven on high.
The world he holds in his fingers,
He reigns over ocean and sky.

He came to the world in a manger.
He lived, learned, he laughed and he grew.
To mankind no longer a stranger.
His word will make everything new.

He came, he came,
He came to dwell on the earth
His presence will light up the darkness,
And give to us all a new birth.

He died that the world might be free,
No longer to sin be a slave.
Open in your eyes and you’ll see,
The price of the gift that he gave.

He died, he died.
He died to bring life ever more.
His blood shed to ransom your pardon,
That your soul in heaven might soar.

He rose that world might behold him,
To see him in glory and light.
To show that the grave could not hold him,
And, like him, our souls can take flight.

He rose, he rose,
Death no longer can win.
The grave no more may conquer,
Our hearts are now free from sin.

In heaven, the Lord waits the hour
When back to the earth he will come.
The world waits to see him in power,
The summer we worship the Son.

He comes, he comes,
The world no longer need fear.
He comes, shouting out in his triumph
As we will forever draw near.


A song from the heart


A song from the heart,
Reaching toward the skies.
A song from the soul,
Touching those that go by.

Sing the song in your heart,
For the Lord is always near.
He will lift up your soul,
For He holds you dear.

Praise the Lord in your heart
Let His praise be in your mouth.
Sing His praise in your soul,
Shout it to both north and south.

Worship God in your heart.
Seek His good night and day.
Hold His words in your soul,
Keep his truth with you always.

For God is high and lifted up,
Far above the works of man.
Far above the stars and galaxies
Shines the light of the true I AM.

In an Instant


Yet another of my old poems. Apparently I hadn’t  finished this one, or at least not in the version I found, since it ended in the middle of a verse. So I finished it as I typed it in. I don’t know if you’ll be able to spot a join, but I at least kept the same rhyme scheme.

In an instant,
In the twinkling of an eye,
We’ll all stand before Him,
Forever to adore Him.
In an instant,
He’ll call us to His throne.
Forever we’ll be known
Before the Lord Most High.

He is coming,
Returning to take His throne
Trumpets shall proclaim Him
And all nations shall name Him.
He is coming,
Crowned in victory
And all the world shall see
The King ascend His throne.

I shall praise Him.
Forever I’ll raise my song
To the King of Glory
Who is the Eternal Story.
I shall praise Him
Who turns sorrow into Love
Who rules the world above,
And to whom the world belongs.

Be Thankful



A new song for Thanksgiving Day.

Be thankful for family,
Be thankful for friends.
Be thankful for beginnings,
Be thankful for ends.
Be thankful for light,
Be thankful for the dawn.
Be thankful for hope
That continues on.

Be thankful for springtime,
Be thankful for fall,
Be thankful for summer,
And winter, and all.
Be thankful for all you have,
And all you may become.
Be thankful for dreams
Of the world that is to come.

Be thankful for warmth,
Be thankful for home.
Be thankful for comfort,
And shelter from the storm.
Be thankful for little things
That matter in the end.
Be thankful for family,
Be thankful for friends.

I am Alpha and Omega



(Another one of the old poems from my notebook. I also remember the tune I wrote this one to, it’s light and bouncy. And, of course, we’ll ignore the hubris of speaking about God in first person. 😉 )

I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.
I am He who keeps my Promise, I am He who comes again.
I am He who reigns Eternal, I am He who sets you free.
I am He. I am He, I am He.

I am He who died for you. I am He who lives again.
I am He who bears your burdens. I am He who is your Friend.
I am He alone who’s worthy to say, “Come, and follow me.”
For I am He, I am He, I am He.

I am He who is thrice Holy. I am He who is your King.
I am He for whom the mountains shall all clap their hands and sing.
I am He who rules the sky, and I am He who tames the sea.
I am He, I am He, I am He.

I am He who’s King of Glory, and of earth and sky and sea.
I am He who made what is, what was, and ever more shall be.
I am He who in My hands holds to Eternity the Key.
I am He, I am He, I am He.
I am He, I am He, I am He.