Bare tree branches


The bare tree branches
Against the blue sky
Stand in stark contrast
To the clouds that float by.

The squirrels chase each other
Up branches and down,
Across the high wires,
And down to the ground.

Each bird chirps cheerily
As happy it sings.
The green grass awakens
At the coming of Spring.

April Fool Weather


Yesterday, I wrote about how nice the weather was, and how warm it was out.

Guess the joke’s on me. 😉

Yesterday, the day’s high was 78 degrees. Today, when I got up, it was freezing out (32), and we probably won’t even break 60 degrees.

Tonight is supposed to be stormy (though they aren’t saying anything about snow). At least that should help to get rid of the fire warning we’ve been under since before the last time it rained.

Spring is Here


I’m going to be trying to do NaPoWriMo this year. NaPoWriMo, or National Poetry Writing Month, is an annual project in which participating poets attempt to write a poem a day for the month of April.

I’m not going to try to try anything deep or philosophical for it, just some light fluff that flows easily from my fingers. Rhyme, not reason. And maybe not even rhyme. 🙂

So, anyway, here is my first one:

The sun is shining,
Spring is here.
Gone are the winter woes.
The grass turns green,
The flowers grow,
Freed from the winter snows.

The skies cloud up,
The rain falls thick,
Refilling the rivers again.
The thunder claps,
The lighting glares,
All run to hide within.

Some days too hot,
Some days too cold.
In all, a perfect spring.
Some days, sunny,
Some days, snow.
Let's see what summer brings.


March–Out like a lamb?


After a rather stormy winter, we’ve had a couple of days in the 70s, or near to them. Of course, we’ve had those before, with snow storms shortly following. And it’s not impossible that we’ll have a snow storm yet. In past years, Kansas City has seen snow in April, and on the rare occasion, even into May.

I don’t really expect this to happen, but with the weird weather we’ve gotten this year, polar vortexes and all, who knows? If we do happen to get another snow, I doubt it’ll last long. Most of the time, even the worst of our snow is gone within three days, except where it is piled in parking lots, and on north slopes.

The trees have started budding, the grass is starting to turn green, various places flowers are starting to bloom. All in all, signs of spring.




Spring Snow, and Non-Escaping Dog


Funny, last week, it was so warm we had all the windows open and were wearing shorts. Now, as soon as the weekend came, it turned cold, and even snowed. It snowed all afternoon yesterday, and didn’t stop until sometime late last night. Of course, for most of the afternoon, it didn’t stick at all, just turned everything wet and yucky. Overnight, it did start to stick though. Just enough to cover the grass and the tree-branches. Not enough to actually stick to the roads or driveways. The snow was still there when we got up, and when I took the dog out, but it didn’t stay around much longer. Pretty much as soon as the sun hit it, it was gone. Fortunately.

I’m from Michigan, so I’m used to having nice weather, then snow again the first week of spring. But even there, we didn’t usually get shorts weather before hand.

I think it’s now been several months since the dog escaped. Which means that we’ve gotten considerably better at keeping ahold of him, rather than that he’s reformed at all. I can tell that he’s still longing to race around the park all day, chasing squirrels and cats and whatever else he’d find, and coming home filthy, soaked, and tired. Then, of course, he’d have to go through the horrors of a bath (why does he like playing in the water so much and hate baths?), and spend the next day or two barely able to move with his sore muscles. Of course, delayed consequences don’t discourage him much at all. Even that bad cut on his foot last spring, and the six weeks wearing the cone of shame and hardly being let out of the house didn’t discourage him, either. That was hard work keeping him cooped up like that. The first week or so was easy, since he didn’t feel like moving, but after that he felt better, and was back to his bouncy self, and couldn’t understand why we weren’t taking him for any walks other than right around the house, and just long enough to do his business.