Reflections on a cool week in summer


Cool summer weather,
Is welcome, though strange.
We open the windows,
The air off, for a change.

The pool is quite cold,
The crowd is quite small.
We shiver, but swim.
Is this summer or fall?

The dog loves the weather,
He’s at home in the cold.
The rest of us dread
The weather of old.

Next week will be warmer,
The heat will renew.
Enjoy this small break
Before our summer ensues.

Summer Dog


Our dog is far more of a cold weather dog than a warm weather one. It’s mostly his thick black coat. In cold weather, when there is snow on the ground, he enjoys bouncing through the snow, sniffing footprints and sneezing, and running crazily around us when we try to walk him.

In summer weather, like we’ve been having, he’s much more likely to sneak down to our basement garage, and lie on the cold hard concrete floor and go to sleep. He still enjoys his walks, but they take a lot more out of him. The part he likes back is either finding a puddle (there are a lot of them at the moment, we’ve had a lot of rain), or being taken down to the creek, where he can climb into the water, and lie down and get cool.

Usually, when I take him down to the creek, I get annoyed by the mosquitos, but they don’t seem to bother him. That coat of his is probably good for something besides keeping warm.

When the dog does stay up with us to sleep, he is far more likely to be sleeping on his back, to cool off his belly, than curled up in a little ball, like he does when it’s cold out. This, of course, invites belly rubbing, which he also loves. Usually. Sometimes he just gets up and wanders away when we try. Most of the time, though, he just lies there with an idyllic expression on his face (similar, but not identical to an idiotic expression on his face), and lets us rub until we get tired and walk away. Then he looks at us reproachfully. Sometimes that brings us back, sometimes not.