Book Review: Sparrowind and The Tale of Ugly Knight


I have another review of my book, The Ugly Knight. 🙂

Book Review: Sparrowind and The Tale of Ugly Knight.

Also, a four star review on Amazon.

I’m starting to enjoy getting these reviews. 🙂


Papa Pat reviews “The Ugly Knight”


Papa Pat gave me a very nice review for my book, The Ugly Knight. 🙂


This is such a pleasant, pleasant book! There is a lightness in the way it is written, that even in the scenes where Korton (The Ugly Knight) and Elzi (his resolute love interest) face the Ultimate Evil, it’s almost…peaceful. There is one exception, which I’ll get to later.
I THINK that the reason the book is so pleasant has to do with the nature of Korton. He is an unassuming young man, the son and grandson of a tailor, so he doesn’t have snooty attitudes to get over before he becomes likable. He succeeds in his difficult apprenticeship process because he works hard. He gets up early. He takes care of his own horse. And while he does not have the raw, natural talent of Jelan, a senior squire who befriends him, he just keeps practicing and hammering away until, pretty much to everyone’s surprise, he finishes early and with greater skills than any of his peers.
It’s true character, not just a role that he is playing. On his first quest, to kill a dragon, he takes the time to befriend an aged house servant. Because this is a book, of course, it MUST be shown that his easy-going relationships with servants produce unexpected rewards, but honestly folks: he’s not doing it for that reason. He’s just a nice guy. And he meets a nice girl, and good things happen: they become friends, and eventually fall in love.

For Cyber Monday


The Ugly Knight

(Since everyone else is doing it. 😀 )

I’ve put “The Ugly Knight” on sale for the next few days at Amazon. Today it’s on sale for $1.99, tomorrow it’ll be $2.99, etc.

If you like it, or even if you don’t, please leave a review.

And yes, I know the cover could be improved, it’s too generic.

I’ve taken the plunge


I’ve put my first novel (written over 20 years ago) out on Amazon, blurbless, coverless as it may be. That’s a generic cover, made with Amazon’s Cover Creator. It isn’t too bad looking, but I’m going to see if I can’t find/make etc., a better one in the next couple of weeks. This is the story of a young knight going out to fight a dragon (and that’s part of the reason I haven’t written a blurb yet. What else is there to say? 😕 )

This isn’t the novel about An & Mattan which still has the first draft linked in the sidebar, and which I’m still working on with Barb, my editor friend. I was trying to make Mattan like a rock, but according to most of my alpha readers, I missed, and turned him into a doormat instead. There still is an implied inertness, but one that comes from weakness instead of strength.

Barb, bless her, thinks that he really is a rock, and he’s just so reserved that no one can get to know him until we draw him out some more. She has me working on various pieces of the book, and swears that it’s getting much better. All I can see at the moment, though, are pieces of the book strewn all over, like the time my parents refinished the piano.

Anyway, I plan to get back into blogging regularly soon. I keep getting distracted, by real life, by my characters An & Mattan, and by books I’m reading.

Writing Update


I’ve allowed myself to get out of the habit of writing every day, and once I skip a day or two, it becomes all too easy to continue to skip a week or two or three. But I think I’ve gotten back into things, if I can just get myself out the door early enough in the mornings.

I’ve been working on re-reading and some small editing to the book I wrote twenty years ago, before I got married. It was hard work getting into it. I had hoped since it was years since I’d even looked at the thing, that I’d have the distance to be able to read it, but apparently not. I’ve managed to force my way through it once, and then much easier the next couple of times, looking for typos, etc. I’m still not able to go through and see if it’s any good, all I can see are the flaws. I’ve been hoping for months that my husband would read it as well, so he could give me his thoughts on it, but it hasn’t happened yet.

I’ve managed to get around the point in the current book where I was stuck (not through the stuck point, I had to back up and come at it a different way), and am hopeful that once I’ve gotten all the typing caught up, I’ll be able to move forward, and finish it. I’m expecting it to still be a bit shorter than many of the tomes that come out nowadays, though.

Speaking of typing, etc., another character has come out of the woodwork. But she didn’t bring any story along with her, and she’s clamoring for attention. I’m in the process of writing/typing a couple of scenes for her on her own, which will hopefully keep her quiet and contented enough until I can deal with her story properly. I’m still working on it, but I’ve put a little bit up in this page (*link to*).

That’s about it for now. Hopefully next month I’ll have more to talk about.