Reflections on a cool week in summer


Cool summer weather,
Is welcome, though strange.
We open the windows,
The air off, for a change.

The pool is quite cold,
The crowd is quite small.
We shiver, but swim.
Is this summer or fall?

The dog loves the weather,
He’s at home in the cold.
The rest of us dread
The weather of old.

Next week will be warmer,
The heat will renew.
Enjoy this small break
Before our summer ensues.


April Fool Weather


Yesterday, I wrote about how nice the weather was, and how warm it was out.

Guess the joke’s on me. 😉

Yesterday, the day’s high was 78 degrees. Today, when I got up, it was freezing out (32), and we probably won’t even break 60 degrees.

Tonight is supposed to be stormy (though they aren’t saying anything about snow). At least that should help to get rid of the fire warning we’ve been under since before the last time it rained.

March–Out like a lamb?


After a rather stormy winter, we’ve had a couple of days in the 70s, or near to them. Of course, we’ve had those before, with snow storms shortly following. And it’s not impossible that we’ll have a snow storm yet. In past years, Kansas City has seen snow in April, and on the rare occasion, even into May.

I don’t really expect this to happen, but with the weird weather we’ve gotten this year, polar vortexes and all, who knows? If we do happen to get another snow, I doubt it’ll last long. Most of the time, even the worst of our snow is gone within three days, except where it is piled in parking lots, and on north slopes.

The trees have started budding, the grass is starting to turn green, various places flowers are starting to bloom. All in all, signs of spring.




Ramblin’ Thoughts


It’s much warmer today than it has been these past few days. Why, the temperature might even make it above freezing!

That, and the fact that the sun is shining means that the little bit of snow that was sticking to the roadways will do a great deal of melting today, which always helps.

It’s good to see a clear blue sky again, after several days of grey clouds. It probably won’t last long, it being Missouri and all. It might snow again this weekend.

I’ve always liked looking at a clear blue sky through tree branches, whether they are covered with leaves or bare. It’s always been a soothing sight, especially when the sky is really blue (which usually means looking straight up at it, rather than along the horizon). I haven’t done that much looking up lately.

When I’m out walking the dog, I’m usually looking down and out, keeping an eye on him, the footing (especially if there is snow, ice, or puddles on the ground), and traffic.

Lately, of course, I’ve also been watching the water construction workers, on whatever stretch of the long walk they’re working that day. Even in the cold, blowy, days that we’ve had, they’ve kept working. Got to admit, that’s a hard job to do, even in warm weather. It’s got to be a real pain in cold, wet weather. And, I’m sure, when they finally finish in our area, and finally get the water switched over to the new pipes, they’ll just have to move on to the next area, and start over again, new.

The dog and I usually walk two, maybe two and a half miles every morning, depending. It takes us about an hour, if I rush the dog. He tends to have two paces, run as fast as he can, or stop and smell everything. I want him to go somewhat in between. I don’t think he understands that. What’s the point going for a walk if you’re neither going to run nor smell everything out there?

So, we get back from our walk, and I’m tired, but he’s energized. I’ve figured out that I’ve got to chase him around a bit (which mostly involves me standing in one spot saying “Grrrr”, while he runs around crazily) for him to work off that energy, and be able to settle. Once we’ve done that, though, he’ll sleep for hours. It must be nice being a dog.

Fall Weather


I’ve always liked fall and spring, the time of year when it’s not too hot or too cold, and I can be comfortable by either putting on or taking off a sweater. It’s better when we can open the windows, but that temperature rarely lasts too long here.

I don’t tend to like the cold rain that also tends to come at this time of year. Especially when it lasts days on end.

We’ve had a pretty good fall so far this year, few days of rain, few days that were super cold.

I think that’s coming to an end (at least for now). There’s a front moving in that is rapidly dropping the temperature, and it’s supposed to be far colder tomorrow. I think I may have noticed it move in. I didn’t see it, no big band of clouds grabbed my attention. But I looked out the window, and realized that the wind was blowing (which was probably why I had started to feel cold inside the house), and the leaves were really falling. It almost looked like the huge flakes of snow that sometimes fall, only red and brown instead of white.

I don’t know how soon the real snow is going to fall. We probably should have the kids rake up the leaves before it starts happening, though. We had them at least clear off the driveway over the weekend. Not that you could tell they had done anything by the time they were finished, though.

Interesting Weather



So far this winter we have had mostly mild weather, unlike some other parts of the country. We’ve had a little snow, that didn’t last long. We’ve had some really cold weather, that also didn’t last long. But mostly pretty decent weather.

That’s supposed to change tomorrow night. According to the forecast, we’re going to get “the worst winter storm in two years”.

Considering that two years ago we had a blizzard, and the winters since then have been fairly mild, that’s mostly just saying it’ll be somewhat short of a blizzard.

It sounds like we could have anything from freezing rain to a couple of inches of snow, with no real way to tell which it is going to be. So I’m just hoping we don’t have an ice storm. Those can be nasty, and knock the power out for weeks. We haven’t had one of those for several years, either.

It does remind me, however, of the times we went to visit relatives in Texas for Christmas. We went to see them about every ten years, and every time we went, we got hit with “the worst ice storm in 10 years”. It always made driving back a real joy.

Right at the moment, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and it looks really lovely out. But it’s cold, much colder than it’s been for the last couple of weeks. But then, we’ve been having highs in the 50-60 degree range in that time, which is a bit unusual for this time of year.

If they continue to predict the winter storm (this is Missouri, it could decide to go any direction with little warning), it wouldn’t surprise me if the schools called a snow day preemptively on Wednesday night (we’ve only had a half-snow day so far this school year). And it also wouldn’t surprise me if the dog spent most of the day on Wednesday huddled down in the corner somewhere, even if the weather’s fine that day.

Ice and Snow



Well, last Thursday was to have been the last day of school for the kids before Winter Break, and a half-day at that. But before we got up in the morning, the phone rang, and we got a recorded call saying that school was canceled. When we looked out the window, we could see why. There was a lot of snow coming down sideways. Not much was actually building up on the ground, but what there was was rather icy. It probably wouldn’t have been enough to cancel school in Michigan (at least not when I was a kid), but was plenty for Missouri. So, there was no need to get up for quite a while.

That afternoon, we had plans to drive up go to the dentist and eye-doctor, usually about a twenty-minute drive from where we live now. We called both of them to let them know we were still planning on coming (I think they had a lot of cancellations). The snow had stopped by then, but there was still a lot of wind.

Our street was still bad (we had watched a car trying to drive up it, then give up, and turn around in our driveway and drive back down), but we figured that the highway would probably be cleared by then.

It wasn’t.

The highway was backed up, a lot of traffic on it, all going slow. Instead of our usual twenty minutes time, we had allotted an hour, just in case. And it’s a good thing we did, to, since it took us at least forty minutes to drive up there. The road was still slippery in spots, though most of it was clear, and the slippery spots came up unexpectedly, without warning. And all the big trucks were going no more than 40 mph, and we didn’t really want to pass them. The highway on the other side looked much clearer, and there was much less traffic over there. I don’t know what the difference was.

But anyway, we made it to our appointments in plenty of time, which let us get through them faster (since there had been some other cancellations before us). And the trip home was without incident.


We once again had nice weather this weekend, after those cold days we had last week. It looks like that trend is going to continue for a while. It got cold again last night, and is supposed to stay cold these next couple of days, while getting nice again on Saturday and Sunday. At least, though, we stayed in the 30s last night, not those really cold 19° and 14° days we had last week. The wind howling last night, though, made it sound like a lot colder out there than it really was. And when we heard the rain coming down, it didn’t really sound like a good thing. Fortunately, the ground was still warm from the nice weekend, so no ice stuck. I think ice storms are probably about the worst thing about Missouri weather.

Spring Snow, and Non-Escaping Dog


Funny, last week, it was so warm we had all the windows open and were wearing shorts. Now, as soon as the weekend came, it turned cold, and even snowed. It snowed all afternoon yesterday, and didn’t stop until sometime late last night. Of course, for most of the afternoon, it didn’t stick at all, just turned everything wet and yucky. Overnight, it did start to stick though. Just enough to cover the grass and the tree-branches. Not enough to actually stick to the roads or driveways. The snow was still there when we got up, and when I took the dog out, but it didn’t stay around much longer. Pretty much as soon as the sun hit it, it was gone. Fortunately.

I’m from Michigan, so I’m used to having nice weather, then snow again the first week of spring. But even there, we didn’t usually get shorts weather before hand.

I think it’s now been several months since the dog escaped. Which means that we’ve gotten considerably better at keeping ahold of him, rather than that he’s reformed at all. I can tell that he’s still longing to race around the park all day, chasing squirrels and cats and whatever else he’d find, and coming home filthy, soaked, and tired. Then, of course, he’d have to go through the horrors of a bath (why does he like playing in the water so much and hate baths?), and spend the next day or two barely able to move with his sore muscles. Of course, delayed consequences don’t discourage him much at all. Even that bad cut on his foot last spring, and the six weeks wearing the cone of shame and hardly being let out of the house didn’t discourage him, either. That was hard work keeping him cooped up like that. The first week or so was easy, since he didn’t feel like moving, but after that he felt better, and was back to his bouncy self, and couldn’t understand why we weren’t taking him for any walks other than right around the house, and just long enough to do his business.

Missouri Weather


It has been closer to “normal” weather this week. The three storms that hit over Christmas break weren’t really that unusual, except that they all hit in such a short period of time, without any time in between for the snow to melt. And that it was so cold, too.

The snow is all gone now, and has been for a few weeks, except, of course, for the piles in various parking lots. Those’ll probably be there until spring. We’ve had a few flurries in the mean-time, and about a week where we didn’t see the sun at all, with several days of winter fog. That was rather depressing.

I figured that today would be another day where we didn’t see the sun, since the clouds seemed so thick this morning. But by this afternoon, it’s grown brighter again, and the sun is out.

I’ve heard (not from the weather forecasters, just from people talking) that the weather in February is supposed to be like it was in December, that the storms that whacked us in December are making their way all the way around the globe, and will be hitting us again. It’s too early to see how true that is, but somehow I doubt that a series of storms could keep their coherency that long, across several continents and oceans. It may be that I’m just underestimating the stubbornness of storms, though. I know that once hurricanes start reaching a large expanse of dry land, they start breaking up, so that we in Missouri only receive the faintest brush from them. We can get some good thunderstorms out of them (especially if the warm, moist air from the south hits some particularly cool air from the north), but that’s about it.

But, anyway, it’s been almost warm outside these last couple of days. Warm for January/February, anyway. This type of weather would be downright cold in August. I hope it stays that way for a while. But you know what they say about Missouri weather. If you don’t like it, wait a day, it’ll change.