For Cyber Monday


The Ugly Knight

(Since everyone else is doing it. 😀 )

I’ve put “The Ugly Knight” on sale for the next few days at Amazon. Today it’s on sale for $1.99, tomorrow it’ll be $2.99, etc.

If you like it, or even if you don’t, please leave a review.

And yes, I know the cover could be improved, it’s too generic.


Psalm 1, Versified


I’ve decided to try to go through this year and “versify” Psalms, as a devotional exercise. My goal is to complete one psalm a week, but considering that it took me three weeks to get through Psalm 1, that may be pushing things somewhat. Or you could say that it only took me one hour, after I switched the tune I was trying to write to.

Based on Psalm 1
To the tune of “O Worship the King.”

The man who loves God,
How blessed is he!
To follow God’s path
To stand in the judgment,
To sit in the throng
Which worships the Saviour
All the day long.

The man who loves God
Will grow like a tree,
With leaves that are green,
With fruit abundantly.
God’s love flows like water,
Alive in a stream,
That waters the roots,
And keeps the leaves green.

Not so are the wicked,
They’re like the dry leaves,
That blow in the wind,
That blow on the breeze
Their ways are forsaken,
Their pathways are dim.
For all roads shall perish
That lead not to Him.

I have fallen behind


I’ve not been posting like I’ve been wanting to. This is all my own fault, of course. I’d finally gotten to the point where my An & Mattan story was finally coming together, and I put all my effort into that, instead of coming to write this.

I have several books that I want to review (before their plots vanish from my mind), I’m behind at least two poems (since it’s Friday, and I still haven’t written one for Sunday).

I could probably write a blog on our trip to the Zoo on Tuesday, and how it was crowded, but we didn’t see signs of the fights and gunshots that apparently were the big news. We did see police cars as we were driving out, though. Lots and lots of police cars. Probably more we didn’t see.

I’ve done a little editing to the An & Mattan story, but I’m not going to put the edits up on my blog. (I did at least make sure the version up has been spell-checked, though).

At the moment, I’m finally getting around to editing another book I wrote more than 25 years ago, and have seriously been meaning to get in and edit for the past six months.

I’ve already started writing the next book. I had been planning on doing a story far back in time in the same universe, but Mattan conned me into doing a sequel, saying it’s really part of the same story I just finished. Riiight.

Next week I shall endeavour to write something every day, and get things caught up a little. My husband has managed to put a blog post up every day, in spite of his long work hours and taking classes where he has to research and write papers. I’m sure I can do the same.

The State of the Blog Address


The past couple of weeks I have been working really hard on getting my An & Mattan story typed up. The last few days I’ve managed to get  about 3000 words typed up per day. I have about 5000 words left to go, so that means two more days of typing, more or less. Possibly less if I can really get working on it.

Today I was typing something that was written close to when I started working on this story, but toward the end of the time-line. Turns out, I didn’t need that epilogue as much as I thought I did, I have a lot of the information (but not all of it) already written in that section. It also was obviously written before An started telling Mattan why she has trouble being happy, so it was news to him. I downgraded that somewhat. It also brought out several things that I had intended to say, but hadn’t gotten around to yet. So, keep that in mind for the revisions.

I’m not posting today’s typing yet. I didn’t realize until I posted last night’s entry that I’d somehow missed spell-checking a good portion of what I had already typed, so it was rather messy.

But anyway, since I’ve been doing that, I haven’t been writing blog posts like I intended to, and my poetry writing has fallen behind. I’m probably not going to catch that up this week, but I’m hoping I can next week.

Story Update (An & Mattan)


I’ve been meaning to put up a blog post all week (it’s Thursday now). Monday and Wednesday I didn’t write one, because the words were flowing so well on my story, and I didn’t want to interrupt them to write out a blog. Tuesday, I didn’t write one because the words absolutely refused to flow, and I gave up, and went home early. Of the two, I think Monday and Wednesday’s excuse is far more understandable.

I’ve figured out what I’ve written so far is probably between 35,000 and 45,000 words (depending on how I guesstimate how many words are on a page). The larger number feels more accurate to me, but that might just be wishful thinking. I’ve nearly filled up three notebooks (just two partial sections left, I need to pull out a new one to work on). I’m guessing the story length might double as I start connecting the pieces together.

Considering I’ve been working on this seriously since November (it probably was floating around my head for about a year before that), that works out to less than 1,000 words per day, even taking out weekends and holidays. So, yes, I’m slow. (Yes, I know it would be quicker to just type it up rather than write it out. Shut up.)

On the other hand, that’s more than I’ve been able to get on a story in probably close to thirty years. I’ve got lots of other things started, but that I’ve run out of energy/time/whatever before I get to the point where I’m actually feeling I’ve got a good framework on paper.

I’m thinking that I’ll probably have another 10,000 story chunk ready to put out for you in a week or so. If I don’t, someone remind me of it, ok?

So, anyway, I’m figuring that if I’ve written about half the book, maybe more, in a month and a half, then (assuming I can keep going, and life doesn’t get in the way) I should be able to finish this rough draft by the end of March, God willin’ and the creek don’t rise.

Then will come the harder, and far less fun, work of editing the blasted thing.

An & Mattan, Part 1

An & Mattan Story, Part 1


A couple of days ago, I put up the first part of my An and Mattan story (I know, I really need to stick to a story and finish it before the rest of my characters can tell me their life stories.)

I’ve added about a page to it (more or less). I’m not putting things into chapters yet, the chunk up is just the size of one file on my AlphaSmart Neo (which I recently found out they aren’t making any more. 😦  ).

An & Mattan, Part 1

Also, I want to say that you shouldn’t name your main character “An”. It makes the spell checker/grammar checker cranky.

I have no idea if anything I’ve written is comprehensible, or what I need to expand or contract. I expect, for instance, that I really don’t need to have the story of what happened five years ago in there three times, though I don’t doubt I needed to write it three times for my own sake. (And I’ll try to keep both An & Mattan from telling it to me once again.)

Ink on the Page


In this poem, I was trying to invoke the same feeling that I get from this verse of “For the Beauty of the Earth”:

For the joy of ear and eye,
For the heart and mind’s delight
For the mystic harmony
Linking sense to sound and sight,
Lord of all, to Thee we raise
This our sacrifice of praise.

Unfortunately, I think I missed it. I was trying to show the joy of how ink on a page, whether pictures or words, brings meaning to the see-er, the reader, and the joy that can bring.

Ink on the page, in pretty colors
Words and thoughts and dreams
Each line a note,
Each line a song,
More than what it seems.

A simple line conveys meaning,
A smudge a shadow might show.
A curve some depth,
A dot delight,
All that the see-ers  will know.

Many pictures make movement
That might bring sorrow or glee
A thought or a fear
A smile or a tear
All based on what you may see.

How wonderful the printed word
And pictures of all we see,
The minds that write
The minds that draw,
And all the minds that read.

Writing Update


I’ve allowed myself to get out of the habit of writing every day, and once I skip a day or two, it becomes all too easy to continue to skip a week or two or three. But I think I’ve gotten back into things, if I can just get myself out the door early enough in the mornings.

I’ve been working on re-reading and some small editing to the book I wrote twenty years ago, before I got married. It was hard work getting into it. I had hoped since it was years since I’d even looked at the thing, that I’d have the distance to be able to read it, but apparently not. I’ve managed to force my way through it once, and then much easier the next couple of times, looking for typos, etc. I’m still not able to go through and see if it’s any good, all I can see are the flaws. I’ve been hoping for months that my husband would read it as well, so he could give me his thoughts on it, but it hasn’t happened yet.

I’ve managed to get around the point in the current book where I was stuck (not through the stuck point, I had to back up and come at it a different way), and am hopeful that once I’ve gotten all the typing caught up, I’ll be able to move forward, and finish it. I’m expecting it to still be a bit shorter than many of the tomes that come out nowadays, though.

Speaking of typing, etc., another character has come out of the woodwork. But she didn’t bring any story along with her, and she’s clamoring for attention. I’m in the process of writing/typing a couple of scenes for her on her own, which will hopefully keep her quiet and contented enough until I can deal with her story properly. I’m still working on it, but I’ve put a little bit up in this page (*link to*).

That’s about it for now. Hopefully next month I’ll have more to talk about.

Writing Update


I’d been having  some problems with my characters rebelling at me. I finally bit the bullet, and got rid of about 1500 words, and started those scenes over. The main thing was that my Wise Old Sage had told my Young Band of Adventurers something he shouldn’t have, and they all refused to go on any further once they knew. So, go back and have him not tell them that thing, and they don’t rebel, and keep on going. So far it seems to be working.

It’s annoying to have to get rid of a several days’ work, but my characters stopped fighting me, so it’s probably worth it. And I was able to write more than half the words back again today.

I’m pretty sure that my Wise Old Sage isn’t really supposed to know what he told the characters anyway. I’d rather  not have him even suspect until it’s close to being too late.